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Bokhara is the city in Uzbekistan and the traditional trading center for Turkman tribal Carpets. Turkman rugs are also referred to as Bokhara design. Bokhara rugs are one of the most popular hand knotted rugs of the world. Bokhara designed rugs are made across the carpet-weaving world, including Pakistan, Iran, India, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Central Asia. The design is dominated by rows of guls and surrounding geometric patterns. Bokhara Rugs are prepared by Pakistani weavers with high quality wool.Bokhara rugs have excellent durability. The weave is single knot and Craftsmanship is fine.The versatility of woolen rugs is further enhanced by vast variety of colors like red, green, blue and gold. Bokhara rugs would create the look you want for your room. Bokhara rugs with rich colors and soft velvety pile will serve as the best source of coziness for your room

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